Upgrading vs Installing

dwballance wrote on Thu Mar 29 18:23:05 MEST 2007:

I'm seeing a lot of help questions come through the forum where the poster
is using an older version of EPIC. I also notice that each new point release
is recognized by Eclipse as a new version, rather than an upgrade to the
existing version. Is there a different way of distributing them so that
running a "check for updates" on Eclipse catches EPIC updates, rather than
having to check for new versions?

My guess is that if the distribution mechanism could be tweaked, more people
would see the newer EPIC releases automatically. I'm pretty on the ball,
and I have Eclipse configured to check weekly for updates, but it never
sees the EPIC updates.

jploski wrote on Thu Mar 29 20:22:42 MEST 2007:
I think this problem was caused by a wrong URL in feature.xml of the 'testing'
version (it was http://e-p-i-c.sourceforge.net/updates while it should be
http://e-p-i-c.sourceforge.net/updates/testing). I corrected it in CVS,
so checking for updates should work after you install 0.5.33 manually once
more (not yet released). Alternatively, you could edit your local feature.xml

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