utf8 source format on Mac OS X

j110 wrote on Wed Sep 26 23:12:49 MEST 2007:

I have problems with source format (perltidy) on Mac OS X. It replaces any
utf8 chars by question marks. I had no similar problem on Windows.

This problem appears only under Eclipse, if I run perltidy inside shell,
perl files are formatted perfectly.

Eclipse 3.3.0, java 1.5.0_07, EPIC 0.5.40, perl 5.8.8 darwin-thread-multi-2level,
Perl::Tidy 20070801, Intel Mac OS X 10.4.10


jploski wrote on Thu Sep 27 19:38:47 MEST 2007:
Well, it's a bug which will be fixed in the next release of stable/testing:


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