Validate Syntax...

robert-kuropkat wrote on Tue Dec 14 15:27:31 CET 2004:
Does the Source->Validate Syntax (F5) function do anything?

Robert Kuropkat
luelljoc wrote on Tue Dec 14 15:41:25 CET 2004:
Yes. At least it should.

robert-kuropkat wrote on Tue Dec 14 15:59:42 CET 2004:
perhaps I am doing it wrong then.  I typed some garbage into my file and
hit F5 (and tried selecting from the menu) and nothing happened.  I tried
hi-lighting the bad text and tried with nothing selected.  I also tried
selecting the whole file.

What exactly **should** it do?  Does it validate perl syntax, POD, what?
 What should I see if it finds syntax errors?

Robert Kuropkat

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