Values of Variables are not displayed during

dherzhau wrote on Tue Sep 25 10:25:09 MEST 2007:

I experience the following problem, if I debug a Perl script and I have
Variables like "use vars qw($parameter $val $owner $table @allowner); declared
I can't see them  in the Variable window. Variables declared like "my $tc"
I can see Variable and value.

What can I do to see the Variables again?

EPIC 0.6.15
Windows XP

Many thx for your support
jploski wrote on Tue Sep 25 19:48:14 MEST 2007:
I'm afraid you can't do anything because this feature has never been implemented
(file a RFE). EPIC has ever only displayed "global variables" that are in
reality just variables from the symbol table of package 'main'.

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