Variable viewing in EPIC debugger

pmul wrote on Fri Oct 21 11:11:04 MEST 2005:
I'm a relative Perl newbie, and I've just started using EPIC, previously
I used the OpenPerl IDE. 
I'm using Active State Perl v5.8.7, Eclipse 3.1 and EPIC 0.3.12. I also
have PadWalker ZIP from the EPIC site for Active State Perl installed .
I have a query relating to the debugger:
Is is possible for the edit pane in the debug perspective to offer the 'floating
variable view' typical of most other debuggers? I.e. I position the mouse
over a variable name and a small floating window pops up at the mouse location
showing the variable's contents?
In general I find the variables view pane a bit fiddly, some sort of option
like "ctrl-double-click on variable in edit pane autoscrolls the variables
viewer" would also be nice.

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