Viewing Global Arrays in EPIC

henderm983 wrote on Tue Oct  7 22:57:45 MEST 2008:
Is there any way to view the contents of a global array in the variables
view?  For instance if I declare a global array @months = (Jan,Feb,Mar)
it will show up as "@months []" in the variable view.  If I declare it as
a lexical variable like my @months = (Jan,Feb,Mar) then I can see the contents
of the array in the variable view.  Can you only see the contents of local
arrays? Thanks.
jploski wrote on Wed Oct  8 00:30:02 MEST 2008:
It works fine for me in 0.6.25 (having enabled "Show Global Variables" in
the Variables view, of course).
henderm983 wrote on Wed Oct  8 03:07:48 MEST 2008:
Problem solved. Thanks Jan, I was using an older version of Epic and Eclipse.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the newest version and everything works. Thanks.

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