Templates allow for easy insertion of predefined text segments. In addition to normal text these segments can also include pre-defined variables that are included at runtime as well as variables that are specified by the user when the template is inserted.

Defining Templates

Templates are defined in the EPIC Preferences (WindowPreferences...). To define a new template, press the New... button.

Template Dialog

To insert pre-defined variables, press the Insert Variable... button.

Predefined Variables

In addition to pre-defined variables, the user can specify additional variables (using the syntax ${varname}) which can be edited when the template is inserted. When the first variable is inserted, variables with the same name will automatically be changed.

Using Templates

Templates are invoked by typing some characters and pressing Ctrl+Space.

Templates matching the typed characters will be displayed in a list. A preview is also available.

Template Selection

If the template contains user defined variables the user can press the TAB key to jump to the next variable after the template has been inserted.

User Variables