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EPIC - User's Guide

Table of Contents

1. Plug-in Installation
Considerations when using Cygwin
Installing EPIC
Uninstalling EPIC
2. Setting Up Preferences
General Preferences
Code Assist
Source Formatter
Task Tags
Associating Files with the Perl Editor
CVS Setup
Setting Up the Debugger
3. Perl Projects
Creating a Project
Perl Include Path
Converting an Existing Project
Recommended Project Layout
4. Eclipse Basics
Using Perspectives
New Perspectives
Configuring Perspectives
Saving a User Defined Perspective
Resetting Perspectives
Using Views
Opening Views
Moving and Docking Views
5. Working with the Perl Editor
Syntax Check
Explain Errors and Warnings
Open Declaration
Quick Reference
Code Assist
Variable Inspection
Module Inspection
External Content Assistant
Task Markers
Defining Templates
Using Templates
Source Formatter
Source Folding
Extract Subroutine
HTML Export
Outline View
6. Using the Perl Debugger
Launching Perl Programs
Launching Perl Programs in Run Mode
Re-launching a Perl Program
Creating Launch Configurations
Perl Local: Running a Perl Script on the Local Machine
Perl CGI: Run Perl Programs in a CGI Environment
Perl Remote: Debug a Perl Script on a Remote Machine
Setting Breakpoints
Enabling or Disabling Breakpoints
Removing Breakpoints
Views in the Debug Perspective
Debug View
Variables View
Breakpoints View
Perl Expression View
Stepping Through the Execution of a Perl Program
Step Over
Step Into
Run to Return
7. RegExp Plug-in
Enabling the RegExp View
Using the RegExp Plug-in
Debugging Regular Expressions
8. Known Bugs & Problems
9. References