Add perl nature to file?

pablofunes wrote on Wed Jul 30 19:55:36 MEST 2008:
My project has a Perl executable without any extension in the filename -
the file name is just a word with no periods in it. I am able to use the
EPIC Perl editor by right-clicking and selecting the Perl editor manually,
but I can't run it as "perl local" because there is no such option with
what epic thinks it's a plain text file. 

Is there a way to config EPIC to recognize the #!/usr/bin/perl at the beginning
of the file or otherwise add "Perl nature" to the file itself? 

(Linux Eclipse 3.4.0 EPIC 0.5.46)

Thanks - Pablo
jploski wrote on Sun Aug 10 12:55:19 MEST 2008:

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