EPIC - What's New

EPIC 0.6.57 promoted to 'stable' (2015-01-11)

Version 0.6.57 of EPIC has been declared as 'stable' and is now installable through the https://epic-ide.org/updates update site. Accordingly, the future stable versions (e.g. back-ported bug fixes) will be numbered as 0.6.x. The newly established testing branch 0.7.x, installable through https://epic-ide.org/updates/testing, is functionally equivalent to the latest released stable version at this point, but unlike 'stable' it will receive enhancements from further development.

Perl programming survey (2010-05-25)

The Perl Foundation would like to know which Perl versions, features and tools you like and use the most, how involved you are in Perl community projects, and what you think of Perl certification. Participate in a survey (it takes approx. 15 minutes to complete).

Optimized update site (2009-05-18)

The update site for the 'testing' version of EPIC has been optimized for the P2 update manager shipped in Eclipse 3.3 and newer versions. This should shorten the installation times, save bandwidth and hopefully also fix glitches such as the update site appearing multiple times in the Available Software tab of the Software Updates dialog.

Web site moved to an external host (2008-08-10)

The EPIC project web site has a modernized look and is now hosted outside of SourceForge. This includes the update site used for installations, although a redirect from sf.net is active to remain compatible with the existing deployments. Hopefully this will enable faster downloads for all users without draining our limited budget. The CVS repository and support forums are still on SourceForge, with no immediate moving plans.

Thanks to Tero Piirainen of flowplayer.org for permission to reuse his nice CSS layout.

EPIC featured in c't magazine (2007-09-09)

EPIC 0.6.13 has been published on a DVD in the issue #19 (2007-09-03) of c't, a popular German computer magazine. Moreover, a four pages long article by Oliver Lau in the same issue presents most of EPIC's features using an example project. Thanks!

c't readers (as well as everyone else) are advised to upgrade to the latest version of EPIC 'testing' rather than rely on the DVD release.

EPIC 0.5.39 (stable) and 0.6.13 (testing) released (2007-08-08)

A minor release which brings the current version of EPIC testing to the download area at SourceForge. In order to maintain compatibility of stable with Eclipse 3.1, there is no testing-to-stable switch yet. However, users who do not need such backwards compatibility (in particular new users) are encouraged to install EPIC 0.6.13 (testing).

As before, the latest fixed and enhancements to both testing and stable will be made available through the update site (see above).

EPIC 0.5.33 (stable) and 0.6.0 (testing) released (2007-04-06)

The previous testing version of EPIC was promoted to stable today and is now available as direct download and through the stable update site. 0.5.33 contains new features implemented since August 2006, several bug fixes that could not be incorporated into the 0.4.x release, and a major internal restructuring of the debugger code. See ChangeLog or browse the Feature Tracker for the list of new features.

At this point, the stable (0.5.33) and testing (0.6.0) versions are identical, except that 0.6.0 requires Eclipse 3.2. Users interested in new features should upgrade to Eclipse 3.2 (if not already done) and keep upgrading through the 'testing' update site. Users who prefer stability should stay with 'stable', which will remain compatible with Eclipse 3.1 until the next testing-to-stable switch.

EPIC 0.4.0 (stable) and 0.5.0 (testing) released (2006-08-04)

After more than two years since the last release, an updated version of EPIC is now available. This version works with Eclipse 3.2, has a completely rewritten parser, many bug fixes and several new features (see ChangeLog). At this point, the stable and testing versions are identical. However, new features will be only provided through the testing version, while stable will be updated only with bug fixes. Both versions can be installed and kept up-to-date using Eclipse's Update Manager.

Older announcements can be found in the News Archive.