Content-type: text/html - driving me batty

mediafetish wrote on Thu Oct 12 22:43:12 MEST 2006:
Hi - I recently set up Eclipse and installed EPIC. It's pretty cool and
I think I'm going to be a happy camper. I do have one question though.

We run our scripts on a unix box but since installing eclipse will probably
be developing locally (winxp) until it's time to put things on the test
server. My problem is that our scripts have

print "Content-type: text/html"; in them and epic is printing that out to
the console. I don't want that line to show up and it's driving me crazy.
I don't want to remove it from the scripts either, because they'll break
when we put them up.

Any ideas?
pacanukeha wrote on Thu Oct 12 23:13:43 MEST 2006:
Umm, Content-type: text/html looks like an http header - shouldn't you be
outputting to a browser?

I suppose you could have a debug mode that doesn't ouput the line.  The
debug mode could be done any number of ways (config file entry, test for
existence/absence of a file, check for an environmental variable)

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