Curses problem in windows

mukeshraj wrote on Wed Dec 24 11:28:20 CET 2008:
i am using eclips Version: 3.4.1 when i use bellow code then geting some

use strict;
use Curses;

my $timeout = 10;
if (@ARGV && $ARGV[0] =~ /^-(\d+\.?\d*)$/) { 
    $timeout = $1; 

die "usage: $0 [ -timeout ] cmd args\n" unless @ARGV;

initscr();   	# start screen
nodelay(1);		# so getch() is non-blocking

$SIG{INT} = sub { done("Ouch!") };
sub done { endwin(); print "@_\n"; exit; }

while (1) {
    while ((my $key = getch()) ne ERR) {   	# maybe multiple keys
	done("See ya") if $key eq 'q' 
    my @data = `(@ARGV) 2>&1`;		# gather output+errors
    for (my $i = 0; $i < $LINES; $i++) {
	addstr($i, 0, $data[$i] || ' ' x $COLS);

    addstr($LINES-1, $COLS - 24, scalar localtime);

    refresh();				# flush new output to display

    my ($in, $out) = ('', '');
    vec($in,fileno(STDIN),1) = 1;		# look for key on stdin 
    select($out = $in,undef,undef,$timeout);# wait up to this long

perl.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for
the inconvenience.

but when i m trying this code with command line then its ok.

Mukesh kumar
jploski wrote on Fri Dec 26 00:00:48 CET 2008:
EPIC does not include a full terminal emulator (it just uses Eclipse's Console
view). So code that uses terminal control sequences (like curses) won't
work in Eclipse.

You can install Remote System Explorer, which includes an ANSI terminal
emulator, and then run your scripts manually from within the Terminal view
rather than using Launch Configurations in Eclipse.
mukeshraj wrote on Mon Dec 29 15:19:06 CET 2008:
thanks.i just want to know is there any other tools that provide Functionality
of full terminal emulator.

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