cygwin drive prefix

paladin-sys wrote on Sat Jan  3 06:31:49 CET 2009:
EPIC appears to append the default cygwin drive prefix '/cygdrive' (i.e.
'/cygdrive/c/.../.metadata/.plugins/org.epic...') Is it possible to defeat
or change the default for this feature?... 
We use a null prefix so the default for drive navigation from the root is

jploski wrote on Sat Jan  3 13:10:51 CET 2009:
I don't think it can be switched off, but maybe a symlink /cygdrive -> /
would help?
coinoperated wrote on Sun Jan  4 19:44:01 CET 2009:
Not able to create symbolic links to 'cygdrive' as it's cygwin specific
'magic' not a file system location..  An ugly workaround is to use the default
cygdrive prefix and create symbolic links to the drives (i.e. '/c')... 

I have a modification for your test code base to do look-up for the cygwin
mount point by calling 'mount -p' and parsing out the users defined mount
prefix (uses your utility chain)... I'd be happy to provide it if your interested...
jploski wrote on Sun Jan  4 20:37:28 CET 2009:
Please upload it into the Patches tracker.

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