Debugger stops at firs command

seitfa wrote on Sat Jul  8 15:38:02 MEST 2006:

the debugger always stops at the first command, even if there is no breakpoint.

Is this behaviour wanted?

jploski wrote on Sat Jul  8 16:23:00 MEST 2006:
I don't like this behaviour either. However, the debugger code is messy,
so it seems difficult to fix.
seitfa wrote on Mon Jul 17 22:31:25 MEST 2006:
Hmmm... I'll try to look at the code. But I am neither a java-guru nor I
have much time.
jgangemi wrote on Tue Jul 25 03:46:28 MEST 2006:
according to the man page (man perldebug), this is proper behavior, however
i'm sure it would be possible to override this behavior in the code. 

i've been using the debugger a bit more and have noticed some annoyances
(and bugs), so i'm going to try and start looking at that code after i finish
up w/ the clickable breakpoints.

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