Eclipse 3.4.1 ganymede

ashiraz wrote on Sat Jan 31 19:09:07 CET 2009:
when I go and install the software update from help-> software updates ->
available software -> enter the url ; it says restart eclipse (After install)
and I restart but then I dont see the perl perspective. 

I have tried insalling it several times (install and uninstalled and then
re installed epic). I dont see the perspective unfortunately.
nyb1234567 wrote on Wed Feb  4 01:43:40 CET 2009:
I had this same problem.  I had just migrated to a new machine, so I did
not have my standard load.  Once I installed a current Sun Java JRE, it
started working.
ashiraz wrote on Fri Feb  6 04:05:02 CET 2009:
I have the latest jre installed like jdk 

I dont think the software update is working at all! 

There isn't a single decent free ide available! I am using perl express
and it blows.

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