Error message ""Error displaying local vars"

steve_rainbird wrote on Fri Jun 13 13:43:51 MEST 2008:
I have installed the latest testing version of EPIC which I beleive is 0.6.24.

I am using Vista with cygwin and I have installed padwalker.

I am getting a message whe I start a debug session that says

"Error displaying local variables.
Install padwalker and restart Eclipse or disable displaying of local variables"

As far as I can tell padwalker is installed.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong.


steve_rainbird wrote on Fri Jun 13 14:42:34 MEST 2008:

use PadWalker; to the beginning of file and now it doesnt complain about
padwalker but I can't see any variables local or global??

steve_rainbird wrote on Fri Jun 13 14:51:27 MEST 2008:
Took out line below and now I can see the variables (but not all of the
my variables!!).

$\ = "\n";
colinkingswood wrote on Thu Aug  7 14:57:41 MEST 2008:
Sounds like you need to set the PERL5LIb environmental variable to point
to where you installed the padwalker package. 

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