Outline not available

doorslam wrote on Wed Aug 29 14:42:22 MEST 2007:
Hello all.  I'm using Eclipse 3.3.0  with Epic 0.5.39 and none of my perl
scripts show up with an outline - the tab just says 'An outline is not available'.
 This is a fresh install on a new machine, and I know I've had outlines
for these scripts before.  Any suggestions on how to get it back?
jploski wrote on Wed Aug 29 18:54:25 MEST 2007:
It's likely that you're not even opening the files with the EPIC editor,
therefore no outline appears. Check your File Associations in Preferences.
doorslam wrote on Wed Aug 29 19:10:40 MEST 2007:
.pl, .pm, and .cgi are all associated with the EPIC editor.
jploski wrote on Wed Aug 29 19:17:09 MEST 2007:
Right-click on the file and Open With... EPIC. Do you get an outline then?
doorslam wrote on Thu Aug 30 15:26:18 MEST 2007:
Not sure I follow.  I can open with Eclipse, but there's not an EPIC executable
that I'm aware of to tell Windows to use.
mannih2001 wrote on Thu Aug 30 16:15:34 MEST 2007:
Jan was talking about Eclipse's project navigator. If you right-click a
file in it, you get a "Open with" submenu where you can choose EPIC.

jhancock0125 wrote on Thu Aug 30 17:28:48 MEST 2007:
I had a similar issue when I downloaded EPIC and upzipped it into the Eclipse
plugins directory.  The problem cleared up when I instead installed EPIC
using the Eclipse Update facility.

If you didn't "install" EPIC, you might try that.
doorslam wrote on Fri Aug 31 14:16:03 MEST 2007:
Hm, I don't really use the navigator, I just File->Open most of the time.
 It's more convenient than setting up a new workspace every time I nfs mount
a different drive.  I tried that and the outline does now show up, though,
so I guess I'll just have to jump through the hoops.  Thanks for the tips,
all. :)
jploski wrote on Fri Aug 31 19:02:52 MEST 2007:
You don't have to create multiple workspaces:
- projects can reside outside of the workspace (you can choose a non-default
location during project creation)
- individual files inside of a project may reside outside of the project
(you can create a "linked file", which points to a file anywhere in your
file system)

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