Perl Problems View/Filter

nathanhaigh wrote on Fri Jul  6 10:21:33 MEST 2007:
I've een using Eclipse for a little while for Java and Perl projects. I've
noticed that under the Java perspective there is a Window >> Show View >>
Problems option available, and I can filter the problems to show Perl Critic,
Perl Problem and Pod Checker. However, when I switch to the Perl perspective
I don't have a Window >> Show View >> Problems option available and can't
figure out how to get Perl related problems to display in a "Problems" tab
like in the Java Perspective.

Is there some settings, I need to change to enable this or is this a bug
in EPIC?

nathanhaigh wrote on Fri Jul  6 10:23:17 MEST 2007:
Sorry I forgot to post my version numbers:
Eclipse 3.2.2
EPIC 0.5.37
OS: Debian 4.0 (Etch)
mannih2001 wrote on Fri Jul  6 10:50:25 MEST 2007:
Did you try Window -> Show View -> Other -> General -> Problems?

nathanhaigh wrote on Fri Jul  6 12:14:59 MEST 2007:

Yep that did it - I did take a look at "others" but there are a lot of "other"
to try and find it in. It's e nice to have a filter box at the top of that
window so you can filer "other" based on what you type.


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