Perl Remote Debugging - A Suggestion

As of April 2009, further instructions how to set up EPIC for mod_perl debugging are available.

kyledawkins wrote on Wed Apr 20 23:42:58 MEST 2005:

I just spent a bit of time trying to get the remote debugging facility to
work, but to no avail.   It seems that epic forces the developer to automatically
zip up a "distribution" and then unzip it on the remote machine.  This seems
absurd to me; why is there no option just to connect directly to the remote
debug session?  Or maybe I'm missing something.

Basically, I'm trying to get epic to debug a mod_perl session that is actually
running on localhost, but there's no way (as far as I know!) to make epic
aware of mod_perl.  I'd love to be able to connect epic's debugger to mod_perl...
any suggestions?



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