Perl Tidy gobbles lines

clintongormley wrote on Fri Jan 23 16:14:33 CET 2009:

Whenever I use the EPIC Source Formatter, it formats the whole file correctly,
bar wherever my cursor is at the time.  Generally, it swallows any blank
lines, but it can also change the indentation of (eg) param lists.

If I move my cursor and repeat, it formats the previous cursor position
correctly, and the new position incorrectly again. 

Any ideas?

I've got Perl::Tidy v 20071205 and EPIC v 0.6.29 installed, and my perltidy
runs as

perltidy -q --indent-columns=4 --maximum-line-length=80 --line-up-parentheses
-pbp -sot -vt=2 -nsob -sbcp=#=



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