refresh in navigator view for compile bugs ?

maqsoum wrote on Mon Feb 11 16:06:09 CET 2008:
  I had some perl include paths missing in my PERL5LIB
environment variable, the eclipse (epic) navigator would
display the error status of the files and their parent directories.
 I then fixed my PERL5LIB but the navigator icons don't
refresh instantly, they do only when I open the file,
(it is done lazily), It would be nice to have a forced refresh,
for example when click on refresh for a directory, that
the perl validation be done on the children files.
 If there's another way to do it i'd be interested to know !
jploski wrote on Mon Feb 11 20:28:47 CET 2008:
maqsoum wrote on Mon Feb 11 22:05:28 CET 2008:
 the project/clean option does it, thanks for the info !

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