Show Line Numbers

etwas wrote on Wed Jun 25 09:41:00 MEST 2008:
doesn work...

active perl 5.10.0 
eclipse 3.3.2 
epic source 0.6.24 
jploski wrote on Wed Jun 25 20:14:44 MEST 2008:
1. Set "Show line numbers" in Preferences/Perl EPIC/Editor/Appearance
2. Reopen a Perl file (using EPIC editor)

Works for me.
paulmcauley wrote on Sat Jun 28 20:26:13 MEST 2008:
Thanks Jan - I was having a same problem.

I think there is a UI bug in that you can't right-click in the column on
the left of the editor (where you would see the line numbers), and toggle
whether to show or hide line numbers like in most other Eclipse editors.
However, changing the option by going to the Preferences menu does work.

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